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GAMMA was founded on the 29th of May 2009, making it one of the oldest organizations in the game. Over its glorious history it has held multiple records including holding 3rd place for total events held, total fights offers and also held the 1st position for the largest organization in total fighters signed.

GAMMA is located in Las Vegas, Nevada which is the capital of MMA Tycoon. Las Vegas has the biggest accumulation of fighters, managers, organizations and gyms, so getting reasonable salaries, plenty of fight options and good training is not a problem.

Besides the main roster, we also run GAMMA: Contenders, a small feeder organization based out of Las Vegas, which is specially designed to help up and coming fighters or struggling ones a chance to prove themselves.

We pride our-self as being the most active, organized and democratic organization in MMATycoon. We are also the only place among the top organizations where you can find totally unbiased booking. We are not affiliated to any alliance, we do not book our own fighters in events. We also do not interfere in fighter development, meaning that we do not fund private gyms or sponsor particular fighters to give unfair advantages, so there is no backstage backstabbing or favoritism in GAMMA. Fights are booked purely based on hype levels and those top of the list get first priority in title fights and headline events.

Regulations & Rules

– 3 rounds of 5 minutes
– Title fights are 5 rounds of 5 minutes
– 10 points rated per round
– Fighting in a cage
– Maximum one fighter per division per manager
– Inactive fighters of over 30 days without good reason will be released
– Managers which reject fights without good reason will also be released


In GAMMA we have 6 divisions:

-Super Heavyweight 265+ division
– Heavyweight 265 division
– Light Heavyweight 205 division
– Middleweight 185 division
– Welterweight 170 division
– Lightweight 155 division


– We never book based on skills
– All booking is based upon hype and popularity ratings of your fighter
– This means that you will under 95% of the cases fight someone up or down 5 places from your own fighters hype\popularity ratings in the GAMMA division rankings
– The 5% it does not happen is usually in the case that there is nobody else available within your “range” or as a last minute replacement
– Inactive managers (3+ days) are not added to an event
– Your fighter will be booked in a fight once every 3 to 5 weeks (usually once every 4 weeks on average)
– Your fighter is given 2+ weeks notice, unless we need a last minute replacement and that is VERY unusual
– Injured fighters are never booked on the card


– Rematches are very irregular, the only cases we offer a rematch is:
a) Your last fight was some time ago (3+ fights ago)
b) The last fight was controversial (draw or majority win)
c) Both fighters asked for a rematch
Title Fights

Title fights are almost always between the title holder and the most hyped\popular candidate, however there are exceptions such as:
a) The next in line is inactive for 3+ days (i do not book such fighters at all)
b) The next in line recently lost to the title holder
C) The next in line has less than 2 fights on his contract and has not yet agreed a renewal
D) They recently fought for the title

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